About Us

A-Lar Industry Company Ltd, the food and agribusiness manufacturer and distributor, is considered as the largest and second generation rice flour milling company in the Myanmar. We are primarily engaged in the manufacturing of rice flour, wheat semolina, purify drinking water, soft drink and distribution of wheat flour. and animal feed raw materials.

Our raw materials for rice flour and wheat semolina are sourced locally. We import both soft and hard wheat flour, the primary raw material for our import products origin from the United States, Canada, and ASEAN countries. All our wheat flour are fortified with Vitamin A and Iron, and certified with Halal, ISO, HACCP, and GMP seal.

Our products are distributed all over Myanmar through various distribution channels.

We expand into construction sector since 2016. Our strong quality control process lead to customer recognition in short period of time.

True to our brand promise of being Partners for Success, we advance our business and communities by providing business solutions and building partnerships for success.